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Jenney Cowin

I have suffered from migraine headaches for several years, with all the accompanying nausea, sensitivity to light and certain odors, auras, etc. While my family doctor has prescribed some medicine for the occurrences, we were never able to determine the trigger for the migraines, despite dietary changes, trigger tests, relaxation techniques and every scan and blood test in the book. Even when I didn't have a migraine, I was in constant dread of the next one.

I had resisted chiropractic approaches, mostly from fear of the unknown. I was a nervous wreck the first time I went to Dr. Tinkle's office.   Dr. Tinkle realized I was nervous and very thoroughly explained everything he was doing and how it could help. Throughout the treatment, Dr. Tinkle continuously asks questions to make sure that his proposed treaments are staying on track, and through that process he discovered other issues that I had just become used to over the years, including one very tender spot in my middle back and pain in my wrist accompanied by numbness in my hand.

By the third visit, the back pain was gone completely!  My husband and I were trying  to determine the last time i had a migraine and couldn't come up with a definite date (it's been that long). When you consider the prior to beginning treatment, I had at least 3 migraine days per week, that's a pretty amazing accomplishment! We are still working on my wrist and hand and it is improving so that I only have it when I work very long hours at the computer or write a lot at one time.

The improvement has been mothing short of miraculous to me and my family.  I look forward to my visits! I encourage anyone who has been hesitant about chiropractic care to call Dr. Tinkle's office and see what they can do for you.

~ Jenney Cowin

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